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A people determined to give back to their blessed and prosperous nation.

Launched by a group of Emirati businessmen, the social initiative Sandooq Al Watan embodies societal cohesion alongside the directives of the UAE’s leadership that call for achieving sustainable development, a decent life, and a bright future for all the peoples of the nation.

The launch of Sandooq Al Watan seeks to embody the national priorities and enhance the prospects of sustainable development by reinforcing social participation and strengthening national unity to bring forth a bright future for the UAE and the Emirati people. Sandooq Al Watan comes as part of the commitment…

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745Million AED collected and committed donations697Million AED in Donations1Billion AED Target


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Mawhibatna - Mathematical Modeling


بحضور معالي الفريق ضاحي خلفان تميم رئيس مجلس إدارة صندوق الوطن تم تخريج 86 مبرمج إماراتي من إمارة دبي في جيمس مودرن… https://t.co/S3spaPKK1h


Mawhibatna - Flight Science


Over the next 4 weeks, 240 gift students will take part in the #Mawhibatna summer 2019 program that will help the s… https://t.co/9GPLN2FIAX

# Mawhibatna

Mawhibatna - Cryptology

newsThirty-four Businessmen, 51 Private Companies Supporting Sandooq Al Watan

Since its inception, Sandooq Al Watan has received over AED 700 million, achieving 70 percent of the fund’s target of AED 1 billion by 2020...

eventMawhibatna Summer Camp Graduation Ceremony

The Mawhibatna Summer 2018 programme gave...