UAE Coder

The UAE Coder Programme teaches Emirati children aged 7-14 the basics of coding in a fun and interactive way. By 2020, the programme aims to teach 2,500 children the basics of coding and enrol 500 in advanced coding programmes. As of December 2018, the programme has taught 1,250 Emirati children from ten cities across the UAE the basics of computer coding. The importance of this initiative cannot be understated. It is estimated that 60% of high paying jobs in the future will require an understanding of basic coding skills and coding is a key driver of the 4th industrial revolution. Thus, the programme will raise student job prospects in the future and benefit the UAE economy by establishing the UAE as a hub for technology and sought-after talent. We envision the creation and success of at least ten tech companies by our UAE Coder graduates by the year 2030.