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A people determined to give back to their blessed and prosperous nation.

Launched by a group of Emirati businessmen, the social initiative Sandooq Al Watan embodies societal cohesion alongside the directives of the UAE’s leadership that call for achieving sustainable development, a decent life, and a bright future for all the peoples of the nation.

The launch of Sandooq Al Watan seeks to embody the national priorities and enhance the prospects of sustainable development by reinforcing social participation and strengthening national unity to bring forth a bright future for the UAE and the Emirati people. Sandooq Al Watan comes as part of the commitment…

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745Million AED collected and committed donations697Million AED in Donations1Billion AED Target


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newsMohamed Bin Zayed attends Sandooq Al Watan Pioneers Forum

H.H. Sheikh Mohamed affirmed that honouring the UAE’s pioneers during the Year of Zayed has symbolic significance, as Sheikh Zayed himself is a symbol of giving, sacrifice, dedication and love for the nation...

eventAl Awa'el Retreat

In the presence of HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan ...


#SandooqAlWatan will continue to fulfil its mandate to #empower the people of the UAE to be actively engaged in the… https://t.co/0exqbm9qX6

# SandooqAlWatan# empowerصندوق الوطن
newsAldar announces contribution to UAE's future

We are happy to be working with Aldar, who share our vision and have shown us consistent support and generosity...


We are pleased to announce that Yasser Al Gergawi was appointed as Director General of #SandooqAlWatan by HE Sheikh… https://t.co/3V3LGhqAeY

# SandooqAlWatanصندوق الوطن
newsSecond phase of UAE Coder launched

UAE Coder aims to create a pool of talent that will be capable to meet the challenges of the future labour market...

newsSandooq Al Watan launches second phase of UAE Coder

The education provided through this project will be invaluable in providing Emirati youth with the knowledge and capabilities to protect the UAE's digital infrastructure...

eventMawhibatna Summer Camp Graduation Ceremony

The Mawhibatna Summer 2018 programme gave...