Initiatives Go to Initiatives is the first national platform that empowers researchers in the country by providing them with funding and networking opportunities, mentorship and support. The platform is a sum of three main initiatives that aim to support over 50 student led research projects by end of 2020 in addition to supporting ten major co-funded applied research programs in priority sectors by 2020. Why are we supporting researchers? Research is a critical component of innovation and economic growth. Supporting research will help spur new ideas, technologies and inventions that could turn into successful companies with strong economic and social return to the country. will act as a feeder towards the Emirati Innovator Programme and the Khalifa innovation centre initiatives.   The Fellowship Program has awarded 54 projects with AED 648K funds dispersed. 168 students have participated in the program with 9 participating institutions.  Furthermore, the SWARD program has awarded a total of 8 projects with AED 11.5m funds dispersed; it included 65 participating researchers along with 5 participating institutions.  Finally, the CENTURIUM prize has launched two challenges up-to-date; The Tawazun Challenge and the Rethink Brine Challenge, with a prize purse totaling AED 8.4 million for both challenges.

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