Sandooq Al Watan Summer Program



Promote and consolidate the principles of national identity with its multiple elements, through a set of characteristics, qualities and values



Prepares UAE’s future generations to deal with the emerging global environmental challenges



Enhance the entrepreneurial environment for Emirati youth, and provide young generations of citizens with entrepreneurial skills

Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Mabarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, Chairman of Sandooq Al Watan,

Sandooq Al Watan organizes a series of summer initiatives and programs for Emiratis between 10- 13 years, n addition to the sustainability and entrepreneurship program for a selected group of Emirati university graduates.

About Program

Objectives of the Summer Program

Building future generations, aware of their national identity, creative, innovative and capable of sustainable leadership for a brighter future in line with the enlightened vision of our wise leadership.
  • Enhance the confidence and pride of Emiratis in their identity and heritage.
  • Preserving all components of the national identity.
  • Consolidating the national identity and transmitting it to future generations
  • Raising awareness and promoting the principles and concepts of sustainability.
  • Unleashing the creative and innovative capabilities
    of the new generation
  • Opening new frontiers for Emiratis in the private sector
  • Unleashing the youth’s innovative and creative capabilities

Qudwati, Fikrati, Mustaqbili

Partners of Sandooq Al Watan.

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