Big Challenge 1

Increasing Private Sector Employment of Emiratis

Sandooq Al Watan currently provides funding and support for 8 initiatives that address the need to provide employment opportunities, meaningful work, and well-paid jobs for Emiratis, particularly in the private sector. These initiatives deal with several different aspects of private sector employment. Some address how to prepare Emiratis for private sector employment, and how to help private sector employers employ Emiratis. Other initiatives deal with the challenges associated with limited work opportunities in remote locations and the need to expand Emirati entrepreneurship


Private Sector Employer Award

Social Entrepreneurship

Employment Research

Digital Freelancer

Emirati Innovator

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Initiatives in progress

Latest Initiatives

Provide soft skills training, a 6 to 8 week private sector internship, an Emirati pri- vate sector mentor, and job search support to 200 participants in 2022 rising to 500 by 2024. The top performers are offered international internships.
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UAE Coder
Encourage gifted and talented young Emiratis to pursue STEM careers by introducing them to the fun of technology and programming.
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Emirati Innovator
An expert VC is contracted to identify two investment opportunities per year.
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