Emirati Innovator

Emirati Innovator

The Emirati Innovator business expansion fund is an initiative to help Emirati owned and led startups to grow. The focus is on high-growth potential businesses, typically with a strong tech component. The fund helps early-stage companies grow in preparation for a Series A launch.
Emirati Innovator offers

  1.  A convertible bond of AED250,000
  2. Introductions to industry leaders, larger startup incubators and VCs
  3. Access to top talent through SAW Jusoor program (link to Jusoor)


  1. Majority Emirati ownership
  2. At least one founder is Emirati
  3.  Startups with a scalable business idea validated by early traction
  4. Startups with a high growth potential and a tech component
  5. Startup team must have 2 or more members

Emirati Innovator portfolio companies

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