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Sandooq Al Watan’s Applied Research and Development (SWARD) initiative provides funding for university-based research that aims to have an impact on the UAE’s economic and social development. Only potentially high impact research is supported. In particular, SWARD supports research that helps build bridges between academia and industry in sustainable ways. Each year SWARD identifies priority areas for funding support. Since 2023 is the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, research that focuses upon sustainability will be supported via the COP28 Call for Proposals.

Call for Proposals: COP28 Special Cycle

Submission Deadline:

15 October 2023

Grant Duration:

1 year

Purpose of the grant

To help mitigate the impacts of climate change, university research can play an important role. Research, particularly aimed at addressing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which has the potential to limit the impact of global warming, protect ecosystems, and ensure the resilience of communities worldwide, is capable of generating tremendous benefits. Therefore, during the Year of Sustainability, Sandooq Al Watan invites university researchers to submit groundbreaking proposals that may contribute to sustainable climate change mitigation.

The grant aims to support and accelerate ongoing research that contributes to the achievement of the nation’s strategic initiative, UAE Net-Zero 2050.  This call for proposals is a call to leverage promising research that will benefit from an injection of additional funding support and accelerate the achievement of outcomes.  Submissions are welcome from researchers who have, either by accident or unintended consequence, opened up research opportunities for climate change mitigation.

Focus areas

Submissions for funding are welcome in any of the following focus areas:

  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (energy, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, etc.).
  • Technologies for Sustainable Practices, including innovation for carbon neutrality and leveraging the “Internet of Things.”
  • Socio-Economic Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation Strategies, including socio-behavioral policy experiments.

Grant Amount

Up to AED 500,000

No matching grant funds are required; however, researchers must demonstrate that the ongoing research proposed has been funded by other sources, whether internal or external. This is a grant that aims to accelerate the impact of promising climate change research.


UAE-based researchers, scientists, institutions, and organizations with a proven track record in environmental research and sustainability.  The research team must include at least one Emirati researcher.

Proposal Submission

Download the proposal and budget (updated) templates from here. The SWARD online portal for application submissions will be opened soon.

For more information and inquiries, please contact: [email protected]